The Endemic Goat: Walia Ibex

Ethiopia is home to the world’s only population of Walia Iibex, which is found only in and around the Simien Mountains of north-western Ethiopia. Formerly more widespread in the Simen Mountains, most remaining Walia Ibex are found within the boundaries of the Simien Mountains National Park (13,600 ha), mainly along 25 km of the northern escarpment between Adarmaz Camp and Chennek Camp. There are also four small populations outside the protected area: north of Werk Amba west of the park; between Silki and Walka north-east of the park; between Bwahit and Mesarerya; and just north of Weynobar along the Ras Dejen escarpment to the north.


Nechisar National Park, Ethiopia


Nechisar National Park

One of the most unusual parks I’ve been in. It was not too expensive to enter and we found it to be a perfect test before entering the south bound Turkana track with all its river crossings, mud baths and windy picturesque tracks.

Nechisar is made up of jungle, river crossings, beautiful lake views and plains. We entered and could see it had been raining. On entering which was around 16h00, we headed to the nearest camp which was obstructed by a falling tree (they failed to inform us) and we ended up turning back after running into a stretch of deep river crossing as it was too late in the day to attempt. We ended up staying in the staff compound the night and it rained heavily.

The following morning we crossed the river, which was high, and at one point we could see that the…

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