About Ethiopia


Route Map

Ethiopia is a country old beyond your imagination,rich in typical history of about 3000 years, vibrant cultural diversity and breathtaking natural attractions. The rock hewn churches of Lalibela which is usually dubbed as the ‘Petra of Africa” and also regarded by many as ‘the 8th wonder of the world’ is something worth and substantial to visit among others. Ethiopia is also home for different species of endemic mammals and birds. Walia Ibex and Mountain Nyala are among the list. The tribes of the lower Omo valley are the other vibrant mystifying attractions of the country that will blast your senses.


A journey to Ethiopia is a journey to where it all begun. The 3.2 million years old Lucy is evidence that our hominid ancestors walked on two feet on this mysterious land. Many archeological evidences aging to 4 million years excavated from the Lower Awash Valley unveils the fact that Ethiopia is the cradle of man kind. Nowadays, due to the boom of the hospitality industry and the development of infrastructures, a trip to the country is safer and delightful than ever before.

Ethiopia should be on the Top 10 list of any traveler. It boasts a fascinating mix of history, architecture, food, scenery, and culture, it’s Africa’s oldest independent country, and truly a jewel, as it is home to monolithic churches and some of humanity’s oldest ancestors. The underground carved cathedrals of Lalibela, island monasteries of Lake Tana, royal castles of Gondor, ancient stellae of Axum, and the world’s largest open air market in Addis Ababa will leave visitors in awe.


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